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I “Log” You A Lot: A DIY With Heart

Several months ago while shopping, I came across an adorable and rustic decor piece. It was a hollow “log” with a heart-shaped cutout, much like this:


Knowing I had a part-time carpenter at home (my hubby), I asked if he could make something similar. One thing you should know about my husband is he is a go-big-or-go- home type fellow. The first thing he did was salvage a couple of ten-foot logs, which was more than we needed for this project but, hey, logs. He then quartered them (one was used for the project in this post, two others were used for a bench which I’ll share later, and the rest are still hanging out on our property, ready to be turned into other amazing creations).

After cutting the log to our desired size (around 16 inches high), we searched online for a simple heart shape we thought would work best. After enlarging, printing and cutting the image, we taped it onto the log and then spray painted the cutout for our reference.


My husband then used a hammer and wood chisel to carve out the heart shape.


Next was the hard work: using chain and reciprocating saws to completely cut a circle all the way through the inside of the log. This was a long and laborious process that took a few evenings to complete. Here’s what the beginning stages looked like:


Once again, a hammer and wood chisel was used to smooth the inside edges, after a majority of the wood was cut out. He then applied 3 cedar planks to the bottom of the log – the awesome thing about cedar is it doesn’t rot and can also detour bugs! Plus…that cedar smell!

The final outcome was a piece quite a bit larger than what I saw in-store, which is exactly what we wanted. I knew this log would be sitting on our front porch, and I wanted it to be a decently-sized focal piece. Here’s the final outcome:





Here’s what it looked like on our porch last fall:


I have to be honest and admit that, without my husband, this DIY wouldn’t have been possible. Using a hammer and wood chisel is one thing, but using a chainsaw is quite another; however, if you (or someone in your life) know your way around wood-working tools, this may be a project for you! It could also be a great time to learn a new skill! 2018: Year of the Chainsaw.


DIY · Home Decor · salvage

Salvage Warehouse to Dining Room DIY

Several months ago, my husband and I were perusing a salvage warehouse down the road from our home. They had a giant, beautiful glass-paned door which they offered to us for FREE. We immediately said yes, although at the time had no idea what we might do with it. We hadn’t even been in our current home for a whole year at this point, and our dining room was still struggling to find its own personality, so we decided on the way home from the warehouse that the door would make a great addition to this area!

My vision was to “set” the door up against the wall, with the only anchors being at the top. God bless my talented husband who can essentially build, assemble and bring to life all of my creations – he cut two small pieces of wood and painted them the same color as our wall. Then, being the resourceful gentleman he is, used two small links from a broken garage door chain and adhered them to the wood. With this clever creation, he was able to slide the top of the door up under the links.

While my husband was doing all the heavy lifting, I cut a long piece of burlap and wrapped it around a boxwood wreath (my fave faux greenery). We then nailed the tip of the loop to the top of the door.



Lastly, I went on the hunt for a vintage and rustic-looking faux doorknob. Here’s what I found:


And, the final product:


The best thing about this DIY piece is that it has so. much. potential. throughout the year! I can add lights, all types of garland, flowers, etc.

Ideally, this door would have been the only piece on this particular wall; however, our dining room is on the smaller side, and already housed a very important steamer trunk that my grandfather gave us. He used this trunk during his travels in the Navy, and it now holds all of my treasured records! Plus, the trunk works as a means to keep my toddler away from the base of the door, which I know he would immediately try to lift away from the wall.

I love that not only was this door free to us, but we also spent only a small amount of money and a little elbow grease to turn it into a main focal point of our dining room.