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Summer Bucket List Organization

Most of us have heard the old saying that there are not enough hours in the day and, as I am experiencing adulthood with small children, I can attest that this adage could not be more true. My little family likes to stay busy, and I cannot count the number of times that a season has busily passed, as all seasons do, and we realize we had not done an activity we had discussed or gone on a trip we had mentioned.

Cue the summer bucket list.

First, we sat down as a family and made a list of all the things we want to do before summer ends. Most of us were on the same page, and my little guy even suggested we go to Target. Way to speak my language, little dude. I think we’ll probably mark that one off the list several times. 🙂

Second, I put all our ideas on a couple pieces of poster board with big check boxes that we can satisfyingly mark off each time we complete a bucket list item. I left plenty of room on both pieces of poster board to add more activities as we think of them, and hung the list in a central part of our home for easy access.


Third, I split our list into two categories: rainy day activities and sunny day activities. I then labeled two jars with these attributes.


Lastly, I wrote all of the activities from our list on colored craft sticks and sorted them into their corresponding jars. As we add more activities to our “master” list, I will jot them down on a craft stick and add them to their designated jar. There will never be any “I’m bored” conversations around this place. If we’re bored, we’ll choose a stick. If we can’t decide on an activity, we’ll choose a stick.



We had a lot of fun creating our list and I’m excited to stay on track with a little organization amongst our madness. I’m hoping that, when summer winds down, we will proudly be able to say we did every single thing on our list, and that we made the most of our summer break with no regrets about what we may have forgotten.