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Thrifty Fresh Flowers

I enjoy having fresh flowers around our home; however, I do not like to pay a lot of money for these little beauties, considering they don’t have longevity. Many flower-carrying stores will mark selected bouquets to half price, at least once a week. These bouquets may have a few dead flowers, or some of the stems will be a bit mushy, but I just pull out the bad apples and keep the rest.

I have found that my local Kroger store will sometimes have expired bouquets for FREE up by their registers. I suggest calling your local grocery store and see if they can give you an idea on schedules for their flower discounts, so you don’t miss any good deals!

I would like to proceed this next paragraph with a short note: I am not a florist. I have not spoken with a florist about how I care for my fresh flowers. I am simply a woman who has read a few tips online, and who has also come to find what helps my flowers live to their fullest potential. My next tips are brought to you solely by my own experience.

When I bring my flowers home, I measure the vase and then cut the flowers accordingly, so that the blooms sit just above the edge of the vase. I then cut the stems diagonally with a sharp set of shears and trim off any greenery that is too low to stick out the top. I also change out my water every day or every other day, and I don’t use the packaged flower food that comes with the bouquet. In using these methods, I am able to get at least a good week out of the flowers.

In the photo that accompanies this post, the roses were originally $10, my husband picked them up for me for only $4.99 and I only had to pitch one rose of the bunch. They will last several days! I am using a plastic Target pitcher that I got on clearance several years ago. It was originally only $3.99 (the little price sticker is still stuck to the bottom). This purchase was awesome, because it gives me dual uses: an actual drinking pitcher and a vase for flowers. That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a twofer.