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Wall Collage Wednesday: Part III

Spring is coming, spring is coming! Speaking of spring, who else is R-E-A-D-Y for some chirping birds and sunshine? I’ll tell you one thing about spring that I am not ready for, though: bees, hornets, wasps, yellow jackets – I can tolerate these little guys in the heat of summer, but in the spring they fly around like sleep-deprived moms of small children, who finally managed to fall asleep only to be awoken 10 minutes later due to a crying child and who, when they jump out of bed, can’t remember their own names or where they are or why they have been wearing the same shirt for the last 3 days and bump into every wall and piece of furniture they pass, as they try to figure out where the crying is coming from. Call me dramatic, but that’s just the way it is, you guys. You can count on this kind of behavior from these stinging suckers in the spring and, even more so, in the fall. Like, let me get my mail in peace. Let me walk my child out to the bus stop without feeling the need to wear a full-on beekeeper’s suit. Sometimes I can’t even walk out to my front porch without being armed with a fly swatter because they dive bomb my head as soon as I walk out the door. It’s like they are sleep flying or something. Running into me when I’m not even in their way. I’m all like, “good job on the honey, you guys,” and they just keep being mean.

Anyhow, without any real transition to what this blog post is really about, this week’s wall collage hangs out in our living room, above our couch. We love cedar around these parts, specifically in the form of live-edge floating shelves, as seen here:


My favorite thing about this wall is I can easily switch out my shelf decor from season to season. And, in my frame, I currently have a winter print I found for free on Pinterest – this will soon be replaced by a spring-time motif, which I also plan to snag on Pinterest!


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