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I’ve Got A Bike, You Can Ride It If You Like

When we moved into our current home, one of the rooms I was most excited to decorate was our boys’ bathroom. I wanted something colorful and vibrant, but that also wouldn’t seem too “babyish” in a couple years. I needed an idea that didn’t seem overdone, and I had not seen before. When I came across this adorable bicycle shower curtain, I knew it was “the one”:


I enjoy the look that comes with mixing different patterns of the same color shades, and found curtain hooks (above) and a little trash can (below) that does just that! It seems as though these accessories were made for the curtain when, in fact, I found them at different stores. When I first introduced them, it was love at first sight and now they are living happily ever after.


As time has passed, I have come across other unexpected pieces of decor. Here are a couple of treasures I found in a local antique store:

The first is a bicycle rim that was already painted to match the bathroom exactly. It was such an exciting find! When I explained to the store owner what I planned to do with it, she mentioned there was a little bicycle ornament I may like as well and, of course, I did! I just cut off the ornament string and instantly had a unique little piece to add to the room.

I also searched our house for other items we already had that would match:

Apart from antique stores and small businesses, I also cannot pass up yard sales. I just can. not. I found a bicycle photo wire just down the road from our house last summer for $1. I’m not a fan of actual photos in a bathroom area, so I hung these little treasures instead:


The wire initially came with an adhesive that I knew wouldn’t stand up to a little weight and moisture, so I decided to screw them into the walls for a more secure hold:


My mom sells Thirty-One Gifts and I could not pass up this little gem, which I use to hold the tissue box:


Lastly, on separate occasions, I found a banner and garland at Target in Bullseye’s Playground (formerly known as The One Spot) for only $3 a piece – not a bad price for adding such cheer and fun!

I am so pleased with the way our bathroom has come together, and our boys really like it, as well. My inspiration started with a shower curtain, and has grown over the last year as I’ve come across other pieces to add to it from items we already had in our own home, antique stores and yard sales. If you have a little patience, you don’t necessarily have to decorate a room all at one time. For one, it can be a little overwhelming and suck the fun right out of it. For two, it can be pricey! Just start with a couple of items and add to it as time goes on because, I guarantee, you’ll come across the cutest finds when you aren’t even looking!

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